When HALF of a normal 6% Realtor sales commission is slashed from the cost to sell your existing home, imagine the cash you’ll save!

Here’s how Dan Stafford’s reduced commission fee program works: Instead of paying the typical 6% Realtor commission, you pay only 3% plus a one-time fee of $425 for Dan’s marketing and real estate services. Here are two examples:

  • If your home sells for $250,000, you save $7,075 (3% of $250K = $7,500, less your $425 one-time fee).
  • If your home sells for $400,000, you save $11,575 (3% of $400K = $12,000, less your $425 one-time fee).
Money in Hand

That’s cash in your pocket for:

  • More upgrades in your new home
  • New furnishings, window treatments or landscaping
  • Increase your down payment to lower your monthly mortgage payment

… or whatever your heart desires!

You’ll save thousands of dollars because of the referral from your new home salesperson to Dan, a respected, long-time North Texas RE/MAX Real Estate Agent.

Call or text Dan at 817-821-9994 any time 24/7
and say your new home salesperson referred you.

Need to Sell Before You Buy?

If you want to purchase a completed inventory home, or if you don’t want to move twice, Dan has three solutions:

  1. Dan’s Bridge Loan Program will allow you to stay in your current home until you move into your new one. The bridge loan protects you from having to make two monthly payments until your current home is sold. Click to learn more.
  2. Dan will simply purchase your existing home so you can confidently move in as soon as your new home is ready. Click to learn more.
  3. Dan can help you generate income from your current home. Become a landlord, rather than selling it. Dan can help you through the process, find your tenant, and even guarantee 95% of the rent each month until it’s leased! Click to learn more.

Call or Text Dan at 817-821-9994 Any Time, 24/7